WasteLand (EN)

photo: Kamerich & Budwilowitz / EYES2


We request your attention for the following message:

Over the past few days, a number of local buses have deviated from their route. The buses’ location during their absence is unknown, and some passengers are still missing without trace. The passengers who have come back are unable to recall much about their experiences. One or two of them report hearing whispering children’s voices, an ominous rustling in the trees and sharp camera clicks.

An investigation has already begun into this mysterious disappearance case. If you are planning to take a bus trip in the near future, be warned that it may be your last.

Message ends

WASTELAND was one of the sensations of Oerol 2007. In this compelling production, mute children aged 7 to 11 drop off a group of adults in woodland. A tense thriller then unfolds in silence. Prepare yourself for a sinister bus journey into the middle of nowhere. Become part of a dark ritual involving adults and children. But never forget: everything’s going to turn out fine.

concept and direction: Alexandra Broeder – direction assistant: Jansje Meijman – financial manager: Marc Meijer – production manager: Floortje Halters – children’s guide: Nikita Oldert – producer: Theaterzaken Via Rudolphi

The new cast of WasteLand is selected after an intensive training at theatre workplace BonteHond Almere.
WasteLand is a coproduced by STUK Leuven (BE), 30CC (BE) and Theater Frascati. The project is supported by the Performing Arts Fund NL and SNS REAAL Fonds. In 2007 WasteLand was produced by Oerol Festival.